603 Super

Download Firmware

Date 5-July-2015

Firmware update procedure


To update the firmware of the THD603QC Set-top box, the following guidelines must be followed.

It is recommended to link the Set-top box to the internet with LAN as it normally results in a more stable connection.

Guideline – instruction

  • Take a USB stick formatted in FAT32 file system.
  • Download the zip file using the above Download Button.
  • Store the zip file on a USB stick.
  • Unplug the power cord of the Set-top box.
  •  Insert the end of a paperclip in small hole (named RESET) next to USB port and push the paperclip until you feel a click
  • Turn on power and you (keep pushing gently until the Android System Recovery menu appears on screen)



1. Select  apply update from EXT.

2. Select  update from udisk.

3. Select  software

4. Select  reboot system now